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Fran Terwilliger


"As a lifelong resident, I deeply care about Long Island—its natural beauty, long history, and quality of life. I am committed to appropriate growth for our island that enhances the charm and vibrancy of our downtowns. Our smart growth developments are always intended to improve communities, frequently located close to transportation and where possible walking distance to downtown in order to support local businesses."

A lifelong resident of Long Island, Fran Terwilliger fell in love with Long Island as a child. Valuing Long Island’s peaceful alternative to city life as a residence for herself and her family, Fran commuted—for 20 plus years—the three-hour daily round trip to and from her New York City jobs to return to a home surrounded by open land, air, and water.


When it comes to the contemporary development of Long Island, Fran has witnessed it all. Supportive of the parks, and the town centers (affectionately known as the ‘downtowns’), Fran co-founded Terwilliger-Bartone as an alternative development company, grounded in the founders’ commitment to respect, appreciate, and preserve the unique character and value,  Long Island offers to its residents.


Fran’s motivation to enter the development market is to make an aesthetic, economic and lifestyle contribution to the communities in which Terwilliger & Bartone's properties are located.  She is committed to building quality Class A multifamily rental communities that add housing variety to serve both new and existing residents, including young people seeking to live independently or older residents wanting to downsize within the communities that have been their home towns. Locating residences near public transportation and walking distance to downtowns where possible, she is proud to play a role in reducing the carbon footprint, enhancing the vibrancy of downtowns, providing employment to local trades people, and contributing significant revenue to the tax base.


Fran has national and local experience as both a lender and developer.  Her passion for real estate led her after business school to go to work in the real estate industry—in commercial lending, structured finance, and private banking for over 20 years.  Fran worked at Citibank, The ADCO Group, and Dime Savings Bank concluding her lending career as a Managing Director at Heller Financial. Her lending and investing career has provided her with a deep understanding and expertise in positioning development projects for success from financing to developing and operating quality real estate projects in competitive markets.  


Fran earned a BA from Ohio University in Marketing and an MBA from Adelphi University with a concentration in Finance.

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