Matthew Ambrosio


"Development is woven into the fabric of Long Island’s history and it is also responsible for the main street vibrancy that adds to its attraction. To deny development is to deny future growth. To deny future growth is to deny our history. As a proud Long Islander, I embrace development not for myself but for future generations."

As a native Long Islander, Matthew Ambrosio thinks of Long Island as a vibrant coastal oasis with a rich history and appreciates not only the area’s natural beauty but also the hustle and bustle of the main streets where he has always lived, worked and played. By building thoughtfully, diversifying housing options and reducing barriers for entry, he firmly believes strategic growth and development can only strengthen local communities across Long Island by emphasizing these assets and facilitating economic growth for generations to come.

As a Development Associate with Terwilliger & Bartone, Matthew works directly with the partners throughout the project lifecycle, spearheads community outreach and supports the overall growth of the brand. He is proud to offer current and future Long Islanders with Class A smart and sustainable housing close to downtown centers that features walkability, commerce and local vibrancy. With a dynamic portfolio and over of 20 years of professional experience in corporate events, brand management and commercial property management, Matthew supports and promotes the expansion of Terwilliger & Bartone’s branding and overall growth.

Matthew also manages Terwilliger Bartone’s partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations by taking a hands-on approach to ensuring every Terwilliger & Bartone property becomes woven into the fabric of the community. He feels strongly that small businesses will be an anchor for our future economy, and looks for creative ways to engage local businesses and non-profits in all Terwilliger & Bartone communities.

Matthew earned a BS in Business Management with a concentration in Finance from Brooklyn College and earned an online MBA from University of Phoenix while working full time in wealth management.


141 Merritts Rd. Farmingdale, NY 11735, USA

(516) 249-2022

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